Friday, July 27, 2012

Cake Stands and Parcels

I'm in between jobs right now, yes, I've quit my new job to begin another even new (er) job, which I'm excited about. With all the time off though, I've decided to work on some projects I've been neglecting.  So today I tackled the china cake stand I've been planning on making for quite some time. I got the idea from the Everything Alice craft book and have had the tea cups and glue for a while, but needed the plates and glasses that served as connector pieces.
I'm working with an Elmer's ceramic glue, which is very runny, but wipes off easily when it dribbles in the wrong places. I also used a washable Crayola marker to mark where I wished to glue but found that when the glue covered the maker it cemented the colour in place, so I need come up with a way to cover that up. The only problem I had with the glue is that the tea cup did not adhere to the saucer as well as the glass and candlestick did so I'm letting that sit over night.
After partially assembling the cake stand, I took my umbrella and checked the mail to find a parcel from my favorite aunt! Inside were some rice crispy treats and this little guy! M birthday is coming up and she's been sending me little things like gift cards and such. I know as I near 30 I'm supposed to dislike birthdays, but I still love them!

I thought the package looked like something Mrs. Weasly would send (Harry Potter fans understand)

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