Wednesday, July 18, 2012

North By Northwest

I love classic moves. I love the clothes, the wit of the scripts and I especially love old mystery and suspense movies. Which is why my friend, Nicole was pretty surprised when I admitted to having never seen the Hitchcock film, North by Nothwest, staring Carey Grant. Our local movie theater had a special screening of it tonight so, we we were excited to go, she because she had already seen and liked the movie, and me because I'm open to seeing any Hitchcock movie.
We were a bit surprised how crowded the theater was; it's nice to NEPA has a good quantity of classic film buffs. The movie itself was wonderful; Mr. Grant's casual,classy wit is just so amazing to watch and hear. I just love his voice!   The cinematography was pretty awesome as well, the exterior shots of the train, the shot from above the UN building. It was also such a nice experience seeing a classic movie in a theater with a good sized group. After all theses years, we all still laughed at the jokes, gasped a bit at the plane chase scene; I was NOT expecting an explosion! And when the credits rolled, we all clapped for a performance that stays incredible no matter how much time has passed. There's something unifying about the theater; you're all strangers, but you're sharing in a common experience.  

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