Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So You Want to Be a Wizard, a book review.

This book by   Diane Duane was a lot of fun to read. The friend who gave it to me described it as "literary junk food", meaning that while it's not particularly deep, it's a quick, delightful read that leaves you wanting more. While, I believe those who enjoy Harry Potter will also enjoy this, they're are some differences. The children have only occasional guidance in using their new found magic, which rather than being an inborn trait, is a choice and a promise they make to protect the universe by assisting nature and energy.  Their defeat of a terrible dark power is exciting, but seems like a great deal of beginners luck, unless other books reveal Nita and Kit to be super wizards. The concept of machines and space anomalies having  lives and the ability to communicate was a bit strange, but after a few chapters I was used to it. Overall, it's a cute, fun book.         

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