Thursday, June 8, 2017

Isset Acres Museum

I know some people would not consider trips to museums to be exciting adventures, but I beg to differ.  Museums are windows into the past, collections of beloved pastimes, and an exploration of the human spirit.        
Isset Acres Museum in Huntingdon PA managed to showcase the wonders of history without forgetting the sadder, grimmer side, such as the story of the last man hanged for murder in the area. However, it was definitely a fun visit with something to spark everyone’s interest, vintage toys, WW2 uniforms, cars, old medical equipment, train sets, camera, antique printing presses, and so much more.

            The museum is divided into three large main buildings and as with most museums, they have many more items in storage. The first building resembles a barn from the outside, so it’s natural that a section of the large exhibit space is dedicated to farm equipment. However, there’s also a large collection of vintage radios and phonographs, china, a printing press, and a diner booth from the 40’s/ 50’s/ complete with replica menus. 

            The second building houses several antique porcelain dolls, doll houses (including one made from an old radio) washing machines, a dentist chair from the 30’s , and old hospital displays such as a full sized nurse mannequin once donated to a local hospital.  The other side of the massive room contained two large train sets, one complete with a miniature recreation of Huntingdon from the WW2 era.

            Past the main room of the second building is an entertainment room, projection TV’s from the ‘80’s, vintage pianos, including a player piano, banjos, and other string instruments. Past that room is a large collection of typewriters and old fashioned, bulky computers, as well as three vintage cars, an old gas pump, and several toy cars.

            I haven’t even mentioned the original Star Wars toys , the poor doll with Sticky Doll Disease, or the toy car versions of the Flintstone’s car and the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, or the pump organ, or the , well, let’s just say, this building was packed and may have been my favorite, between the typewriters, Star Wars toys, dolls, and trains. Did I mention the tiny town has a DeLorean sitting on its train tracks?

            Building Three is just as packed and just as enthralling with its collection of vintage cameras and dark room equipment, move cameras, and a schoolroom recreated with period desks for the students, (dolls) and the teacher ( a mannequin in period dress).  There’s Civil War uniforms and weapons as well as a large collection of WW2 uniforms and weapons, dresses from various eras, a recreation church, a recreation store filled with vintage boxes and a butchers counter.  There’s several cubical like spaces filled with artifacts to recreate kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

            After being guided through these buildings by our very knowledgeable and friendly tour guide, we got to meet the museum’s owner, Mr. Isset, who is in his 90’s and has a lodge on the grounds to do work and visit with friends and family. He said he and his wife collected throughout their marriage and the collections, “got away from them” so they opened the museum to share the growing collection.

            It was such an amazing place that I cannot wait to return and see what I missed and what’s been cycled out of storage.  If you love history, old things, or just visiting new places, check it out.


  1. Thanks. I can't wait to add this to our summer list!

    1. It's worth the trip! Just carve out around two hours; there's so much to see :)