Saturday, January 21, 2017

beANDenjoy: A Book Subscription Box

            I’ve been intrigued by subscription boxes for some time now. For those who haven’t heard of them, it’s basically a box you get for one month or a series of months.  There’s a variety of boxes you can get delivered to your house, ingredients for meals, craft kits, snacks, geek themed items, just to name a few.

            I recently discovered that Etsy carries a selection of subscription boxes. I decided to try a book themed box. After searching through Etsy I found a one month subscription box from beANDenjoy.  One box was only $20, a great deal cheaper than other Etsy shops. I chose just one month. Not only due to cost but just to see what one was like before committing to several months.

           I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived only two days after it shipped from Iowa to Pennsylvania. I tore into the box as soon as I got it home from the post office.  I’ve seen subscription box unboxing on YouTube before but it was special opening one myself.

First, I loved the adorable, tea drinking elephant on the spine of the box. I also appreciated the book spine design. 

I photographed the layers and the individual items but I forgot to get a picture of the entire, opened box.  Well, it was my first unboxing, but hopefully not my last, so next time I will get a picture of the opened box with all the items opened.


For now here’s a list, a book, candy, a tea bag, a coaster, a bookmark, three blank cards with envelopes, a fact sheet about the publication year of the book, and a thank you card with a coupon code.

made from an old book
I love that these were handmade.

My first experience with a subscription box was a wonderful one.  I would definitely subscribe for a longer period or send one box as a gift. So, my book loving friends, keep an eye out! 

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