Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Be Our Guest

After the delightfully creepy Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party we arrived back to the hotel rather late, but you don’t sleep in on Disney Vacation, especially when you have breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom.

Due to a late bus, the monorail being closed, and the security checks being backed up, we were almost an hour late for the reservation.  However a friendly cast member from our home state of Pennsylvania just smiled and said that she made us on time. I don’t know if the restaurant allows for late comers or if the cast member snuck us in.  Either way, we were extremely grateful.
Now for an honest review of the food; it was good, but overpriced, which is true of a lot of theme park food, but it was especially true in this case.  That being said, my open face ham sandwich was very good as were the assorted pastries. Mel had a sausage platter that she enjoyed as well.
But if I’m being perfectly honest, while the food was good, the ambience was phenomenal. If you even just sort of enjoy Beauty and the Beast you’ll find yourself amazed at the details.  As a huge fan of the movie, I was very impressed.  We dined in the ball room, which aside from two extra chandeliers and the tables, looked exactly as it did in the movie. There was even snow falling outside the windows and doors that led to the balcony. Even though you couldn’t go out, you could see the fountain where Bell and Beast talked. It was all very magical.

The other two dining rooms were the West Wing and the Library. The West Wing was dimly lit save when the lightening illuminated the room.  The rose was safely secured in its bell jar while the petals coated the bottom. A portrait of the Beast in his human and cursed form is etched with large, brutal looking claw marks. 


The Library, sadly did not contain even fake books, but it made up for that with lovely pictures and tapestries and a gorgeous, revolving statue of Bell and the Beast dancing, reminiscent of a music box. The seats even looked like comfy versions of antique chairs.

After exploring the Beast’s castle, we were ready to take on the rest of Magic Kingdom.  We rode our favorite rides, The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean a few times each, rode the Jungle Cruise and discovered the new Little Mermaid ride, which has one of my favorite lines that leads through sea caves and ship wrecks.

While we were sipping LeFu’s Brew the famous iced apple juice topped with marshmallow cream, it began to rain hard enough that we purchased rain ponchos before riding It’s a Small World.  Other adventures included visiting the Enchanted Tikki Room and attempting to ride
The Carousel of Progress.

I say attempt because the ride was having difficulty rotating properly. The first scene played two or three times before they were able revolve unto the next scene, which also played a few times. The problems were not just technical; people were getting up and trying to leave the theater, which is very dangerous when the entire room moves.  
Because of this, the ride was shut down completely. We were offered Fast Passes to a large number rides, but that wasn’t good enough for one lady, who yelled at the cast member for running out Fast Passes and having to wait for  the cast member to walk a few feet to get more. While no one is perfect, I thought the cast members were very kind and professional. Aside from Disney being a place of magic and happiness, the cast members  human begins and should be treated with respect, after all, they are making a living, dealing with a demanding public.  Your vacation is their job, so let’s all be kind to each other. 

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