Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thank God for Farmers Markets and AAA

Today was a wonderful day in spite of or perhaps because of some unexpected twists.  Aside from sleeping in later than I intended to, the day began as planned. I mailed a story off to be entered in a contest, then headed to the Pittston Farmer’s Market.  I walked away with delicious blueberries, lovely honey, a delicate scone, and a gorgeous tomato. 
            My shopping bag a bit heavier, I visited the Purple Squirrel for iced coffee before heading home.  Once parked outside my house, I heard a strange hissing sound issuing from the front driver’s side tire.
            Upon further investigation, I noticed a small, metal shard protruding from the tire. Clearly, I ran over the shard and it punctured the tire.  AAA was able to send a truck within five minutes of my call to replace the holey tire with my spare tire.
            While, I do need to go to the garage and get the actual tire repaired or replaced, I am so grateful that the tire was so noticeably damaged that I could not help but notice it. It also happened after I had completed all my errands and was home.  God is good, even when a car tire springs a leak. 

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