Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillside Farms

While people who live in the country may think of farms as being completely normal or even perhaps boring, we town folks seem drawn to them. I love seeing the horses, the cows, and sheep dotted against the lush green fields.  I love seeing the barns, whether brightly painted or falling apart with age. 
Because of all this, I love going to Hillside Farms, a local, working farm that also sells local honey, crafts, antiques, flowers and ice cream.  The farm staff also has several camps for children and adults to teach them about the plants in the greenhouse or caring for the dairy  cows.


I often take my niece and nephew to feed the sheep, alpacas and ducks. I enjoy browsing through the mercantile store for locally made soap or jewelry or the vintage furniture.  We walk along the stream and through the greenhouse and I love peeking into the one unrestored greenhouse.  Of course we all enjoy the ice cream. My dad’s even brought home buckets of it, which you can buy along with the cow’s milk.   

Even if you are used to farms, come and visit. It’s a beautiful place to take a walk and just enjoy nature with an ice cream cone in hand. 

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