Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why Star Wars Episode Six May Also be my Favorite

For most of my childhood, Return of the Jedi was my favorite Star Wars movie. To be perfectly honest, it was because of the Ewoks.  Keep in mind, that I was a little girl who hoarded stuffed animals, mostly teddy bears, like other girls collected Barbie and her accessories. I also loved action and fight scenes and here were Ewoks, butt kicking, teddy bears who live in on a gorgeous forest moon.  
            To be even more honest, I still love the Ewoks. People argue that it’s unrealistic that they were able to take out the Stormtroopers, but they were defending their home, had the help of the Rebels, and had weapons that they knew how to employ against the weak points in the armor of the Stormtrooper uniforms and the walkers, and they look adorable while doing it.
            Another favorite aspect that’s carried over from my many childhood viewings is the lightsaber battel between Luke and Vader. Aside from just looking cool, there is so much going on. Luke’s feelings of fighting his own father while the Emperor cheers him on, his concern for his friends launching the attack on the Death Star, and the constant battle to keep his emotions in check lest Vader exploit them. Add to this, he just found out Leia is his sister. Poor Luke has a lot going on.
            I also love just how awesome Luke is in this film, how he strides into Jabba’s place, confident that his plan to save his friends will work. Apparently, mastering the ways of the Force has replaced his arrogance and whining with sheer awesomeness. He’s also much more respectful of Yoda. He actually tucks him into bed before he passes way, which is not only respectful but sweet as well.
            Going back to Leia, she’s pretty awesome in Jabba’s palace as well, striding in there in the guise of a bounty hunter and later keeping her dignity despite that terrible metal bikini. There’s also the aspect of her being Force sensitive, which I heard is being developed in the Force Awakens.  I cannot wait.
            As mentioned in the last post, I was disappointed in only owning the Special Editions, while I enjoy some of the added in scenes, some I don’t care for. I like the original Boba Fett’s voice and I never was fond of young Anakin replacing older Anakin as the Force ghost, until now. 
            My brother, who is much less forgiving of the prequels than I am, surprised me my saying he appreciated the update not just for continuity, but because Anakin was appearing as he was before he was lost to the Dark Side. I understood his point of view but never shared it, so I was surprised when the sight of young Anakin standing with Obi Wan and Yoda choked me up.   
            I’ve been watching Clone Wars a great deal and that has changed my perspective on Anakin completely. He’s presented in such more likable, more insightful way than in the prequels.   So, it caught me of guard, seeing him like that again, happy, kind, the person he wanted to be but had drifted from. 
Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi
            Maybe, just maybe Return of the Jedi is still my favorite Star wars; I can have two, right?

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