Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why Star Wars Episode Five is my Favorite


            The Empire Strikes back is not only my favorite Star Wars film but one of my all time favorite movies.  There’s so much to love about it, meeting Yoda, seeing Luke’s development as a Jedi, Leia and Han’s relationship, and  of course, Lando Calrissian, because what woman doesn’t admire a cape wearing man?
            I remember as a kid enjoying seeing how the friendships between them all have developed from a New Hope. Even though Han and Leia get pretty fed up with C3P0 they are still concerned when he goes missing on Cloud City and even though Chewbacca has just been tortured, he still goes about repairing him, because as insufferable as the droid can be, he’s still a friend. Yes, he’s a droid whose services are valued, but I think it goes deeper than that in much the same way Luke feels about R2D2.
            Of course there’s the stellar dialogue between Han and Leia.  Rather, then quoting them, just watch the movie. The chemistry between them is amazing, whether it’s them annoying each other or falling love, it’s wonderful to see.
            Friendship is a vital theme in the movie. Even though Lando does initially betray his old friend, Han, he did not do it lightly, in fact he was forced into it and even though breaking the deal with Vader and Bobba Fett branded him as a Rebel, he did it anyway to save not just Han, but Leia as well, which led to Luke’s rescue.
            I will admit though that Luke irritates me the most in this movie. Particularly his arrogance when Yoda tells him that he will not need his weapons in the cave and he responds by taking them anyway.   He soon learns his lesson though, that his arrogance and doubt could lead to bigger, darker issues. 
            There’s just so much to love about Empire Strikes Back, or as I like to call it, The Day The Hyperdrive Never Worked.  

            Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back: