Saturday, September 6, 2014

Return to the Faire

This Labor Day I made my second trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. This time I took my dad and my niece and nephew.  It's always such a different  experience taking niperkins along because the faire has special shows and events for them. It's almost like going to a different place, in a wonderful way.
 My niece met a mermaid and she and my nephew made some keepsakes in a craft stand by the mermaid.
message in a bottle
treasure map
   It was a pretty hot and sticky day so we strolled through the shire, seeing what we happened upon and taking frequent water breaks. Aside from the heat, it was a lovely day! The kids had a great time and so did my dad and I.

My nephew was intrigued by a blacksmith demonstration and my niece loved the elephant ride. 

Of course no day is complete without seeing a joust and goofing off.

It was a great time but as always I feel as though there so much more I could share and it left me longing to return.


  1. The Blacksmith is Master Gary Anderson and his wife Kat does blacksmithing as well. Great people if you get to talking to them.

  2. Blacksmiths have always been my favorite part of fairs like that! In my city a reenactment of a French fur trading post is hosted every fall. It's one of my favorite events. I can't wait to go in a few weeks. But I think I would enjoy a renaissance fair even more! So cool that you live near one!
    Thank you for commenting on Inklined!

    ~Sarah Faulkner

  3. This was the first time I stopped by their tent, Kristin, but I would like to do so again the next time I go. And Sarah, historical reenactmetns and demos are always awesome. There are a lot of ren faires around, so depending on where you live should be able to find one. I have to drive 2hrs to this one, but it's well worth it, :)