Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Embrace the Ambiguity

Adults place such an emphasis on children's future careers. At first, this is a good thing; it shows kids that interests and hobbies have a purpose in their lives, it also teaches them about the different people that make up a community.
As we age, however, we become obsessed with the god of career. "I have to get good grades so I can get into a good college so I can have a good career." What should  be a healthy sense of accomplishment  becomes our identity. "I'm a teacher," or "I'm a store manager." For me, it was being able to say, "I'm an author, a published author."  Well, aside from newspaper articles that hasn't happened yet. My fiction has either returned  from publishers and agents or still sits on flash drives and notebooks. So, am I still an author?  Do I become dejected by the rejections or do I become obsessively driven? I've struggled with both, mostly with dejection to be honest. 
I was led to believe that self publishing of any kind was a sell out, but things are changing and I've been considering that option for a while now. I've also realized that writing is just  one aspect of my life. I'm an aunt, a friend, sister, and a daughter.  I dabble in amateur photography, I'm on my church's drama team. OK, my my main job is at a chain store, and I'm single and living at home. I don't have a clear cut career. But that's all right. The lack of a title does not make me less of a person. I'm still me, and that's who God made me to be.
I'm not advocating laziness , by the way, just an emphasis on living and not waiting to "be somebody" by achieving some title.

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