Tuesday, February 11, 2014


As an adult, I can be a bit ambiguous about snow; I love how pretty is and I hate driving in it. However, a few days ago, I got to enjoy it like I did as a kid, no worries about driving, about losing power. No, I just went sledding, something I haven't done since I was around 13.  The neat thing was I went with a friend of my aunt's who wanted to go to celebrate her birthday, I'm guessing  she's around 60. It was neat seeing an older lady doing something childish just for the sake of having fun. I had a great time too, racing down the ice packed snow hill, the snow spraying in my face, the cows at the end of the pasture thinking we were insane. Actually, the cows may not have even noticed us; it's hard to tell.
Anyway, get out, enjoy the snow since it's not going away for a long time.

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