Friday, June 29, 2012

Tea : Magic in a Cup

There's a tea room in my area called Sugar's Tearoom. It was my first experience with tearooms and I fell completely in love with the whole concept, the tea, the scones, the dainty cups, the colorful hats, the brightly decorated rooms, but above all the sense of peaceful relaxation that came just by slowing down long enough to let someone serve you tiny sandwiches and brew you a pot of tea.  Is it any wonder I daydream about opening my own tea room and giving others the same experience?
I love Sugar's so much that two years a go I wrote an article about it and submitted it to the paper I work for. Sadly, it was considered too far out of the readership area, but my editor was quite kind in suggesting another paper to submit it. However, they did not have the space. So, I finally decided to spice up the article and go through a list of possible interested parties.  I worked up the courage and asked the owner for an interview which she graciously agreed to.   
It was the best interview I have ever done in my five years of journalism. We met at Sugar's, had Georgia Peach tea and scones while she shared her story with me. Her advice to anyone teetering on the edge of going into business for themselves was, "Just do it. Don't be afraid, it's not as scary as you think it will be."  
While there I bought this neat little device that keeps the tea pot lid on while pouring!

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