Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After years of longing after one I finally got a tattoo last week. Having grown up in a conservative Christian home, church, and school, I was well aware of the stigma attached to permanent body art. A good friend of mine, when getting her tattoo actually researched the verse in scripture that many use to oppose tattoos.(Which reminds me to look the verse up as I  can't recall the reference). She found that it was referring to ritual cutting used by pagans, not tattoos.
 Having no convictions about getting a tattoo, only a mild fear of the pain, I decided to treat myself.  Acting on my sister in law's advice I chose a design that meaningful, not trendy.  As, I've mentioned before, my mother passed away two years ago, so I chose a sewing symbol, not just to represent her seamstress skills, but to represent how in many ways, God used her to stitch me together and how He continues to aide me everyday. I may not feel as though I have it all together, but God does.    

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