Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My dad's been watching through a DVD he requested for Christmas, a 1960's TV show called The Prisoner, where a man is sent to a village where he is told he must conform to their standards or face dire consequences which usual end up being physiological. It got my father and I talking about how conformity is always viewed as a bad thing.
Clearly if it's done to dumb down people to make them more manageable , like in The Prisoner, conformity is wrong. If one conforms just to be comfortable and spared from making decisions then yes it's wrong. But if one conforms to a good thing, like obeying laws they morally agree with or as a Christan, to the Lord then conformity it not just good but expected.
Like many things, the question is balance conform when it is needed, but pray for the wisdom to know when you need to rebel against comfomrity.

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