Sunday, June 17, 2018

I Will Praise You in This Storm

I don't claim to be an expert on the weather. I do know that weather patterns change suddenly and frequently.  I witnessed this changeability first hand Thursday night as a tornado ripped through a series of shopping centers around where I work. 
While the storm completely destroyed an entire strip  mall close by, it only clipped the store on the end of the strip mall my store resides in.    

The strip mall up the hill took damage to one half, and another, where a Barnes and Noble resides, was heavily damaged as well.  While my heart aches for all the people now out of work, I am so grateful that my store was spared. 

It does not mean we are any better than any of those other stores; it just means that for whatever reason we were meant to remain open. I pray the other stores will reopen, and in the meantime , jobs will be provided for all those out of work.  

Till then, please come out and support the stores that are still open, Target, Bob's Marshall's, eat at Smokey Bones, go to the mall, be grateful their were no death and minimal injuries.  Let's get the Arena Hub area of Wilkes-Barre back on it's feet and praise God for his care over all of us.. 

Barnes and Nobles; fate still unknown.

All these shops are slated for demolition. 

The collapsed building is the side and back of Ashley Furniture, fate unknown. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

At the Beach

I got the chance to go to the beach last month. It was my first time since I was around nine years old.  While I prefer the forest, I’d forgotten how much I also love the ocean. There’s just something about it that stirs the imagination and draws me back.

I visited two of the Delaware beaches, Bethany and Rehoboth with my good friends, Nicole and Tim. Before going to the beach, we stopped for doughnuts at the hilariously named The Fractured Prune. Nicole had enthusiastically recommend the shop for years, so I was excited to finally try one of these fabled, made to order cake doughnuts. I tried S’mores and coffee flavored doughnuts and found her enthusiasm to be well placed.  I loved them so much, I wish there was a Fractured Prune near me!

After collecting our doughnuts, we drove to Bethany Beach.  After seeing glimpse of the sand and water along the way, I was getting anxious to be on the sand and in the water.  I was thrilled when we found a parking spot and were able to set up our chairs on the sand. Nicole and I walked down and waded in the water; even though it was extremely cold, it was still great to be in the ocean.  I collected some broken seashells and then we all ate sandwiches. I did some writing as well and while the story didn’t take place on the beach, being there helped me write. It was also great fun watching kids play and guys surfing.  I would have liked to go swimming, but it was just too cold that day, so hopefully next visit it will be warmer. 

Our trip to Rehoboth Beach wasn’t was relaxing due to a high school prom being held there.  We couldn’t not find a single parking place, so Tim dropped Nicole and I off. We walked around the boardwalk, which has a variety of shops, restaurants and arcades. It looked like a lot of fun and I’d love to go back someday.

For now, I’m just glad I was able to go to the ocean with wonderful friends

Thursday, May 17, 2018


I love this show so much. I will write more about it later, as well as my beach trip, for now, I will just say #renewtimeless !

Timeless Season 2

Friday, April 13, 2018

A Day in the Sun

I always approach spring with mixed feelings; while I love the sunshine and flowers, I hate my seasonal allergies. We haven't had much of a spring yet,  but because of my allergies, I haven't really minded. 

The warm, almost summer like weather and the fact that I had no obligations today, lured me outside, despite the flowers popping up. My dad and I took a trip to Moon Lake Park and hiked around the lake and field where the pool used to be.

After our little hike, which , let's be honest was more like a walk that happened to be in a forest, we visited Hillside Farms to visit the animals and to eat some delicious ice cream. 

Back at the house, I cleaned up my yard and put out the garden gnomes that have been hanging out inside for the winter. I may be looking forward to spring after all, if the allergies keep away.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick's Day has arrived. While I do have some Irish ancestry, I usually don't  go all out for this holiday. For one, I usually work and two, I'm not much of a green beer drinker. Today though, I found myself off work, so I visited my favorite local ice cream parlor, Ballyhoo.

I ordered a Paddy Shake, and did some writing. The place was all decked out for the holiday and I got to sit in newer, larger  room, which was nice.

After my milkshake, I took a nice walk around town past a beautiful old church.  
It was a pretty wonderful day. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Story Time

I've just started reading The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery and it's inspired me to share one of my mom's stories. My mom grew up in rural Southern Pennsylvania in a small home with a large backyard. In that backyard was an outhouse. I don't remember if that outhouse was in use at the time of this story, or if it was just waiting to be town down.

Regardless, the outhouse was strictly off limits as a play area. As the eldest child, my mom knew this, as did her sister Donna. For reason, Mom could not recall, they both decided to play in the outhouse one day as their mom did laundry in the basement.Maybe, it was knowing they would not get caught that inspired them.

They found some old boards and covered the holes that made up the seats in the outhouse and called  it a stage, where my aunt sang and danced for the audience, my mom. The louder my mom clapped the more exuberantly my aunt danced until the board slipped away from the hole and my aunt fell in.

Horrified, my mom took off running through the yard toward the house. Aside from crying with fear, she had difficulty running due to what would later be diagnosed as Muscular Dystrophy.  She'd run, fall down, get up, run, and fall down again, till she reached the basement door.

Hearing what had occurred, my grandma rushed to the outhouse to retrieve my aunt, who aside from some scrapes and a bruised dignity, was fine. Relived, my grandma then scolded them both for disobeying the rules.

The funny thing about this story, is that my mom always told it as a comedy. I  could see my aunt as a little kid, whirling and twirling around in a smelly old outhouse, my mom sitting on the ground, clapping and cheering. My mom laughed during the telling, though assured me that at the time, it was not funny in the least. Most really good childhood stories are that way.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A New Year

2018 is only a few weeks old and it’s already brought some changes. After owning the same car for twelve years, I purchased a new car. When I say new, I mean newer than my last car, which as a 2005 and the replacement is a 2015.  While I’ll miss my old car, and am not looking forward to making monthly payments again, it’s great having a newer, more reliable car. 

I was able to see the Star Wars: The Last Jedi with my dad and was pleasantly surprised to find the theater remodeled with comfy, armchair styled seating.  The movie was pretty good as well, which was a good thing, had I been bored, I might have fallen asleep in those seats.
            After seeing The Last Jedi, I’ve been on a bit of a Star Wars kick, in fact my dad and I rang in the New Year with a Star Wars marathon.  I’ve also begun reading The Annotated Peter Pan, which has some interesting insights into the author and his story.
            The weather’s been bad, so I haven’t been out driving my new car and going on many adventures, but I can’t wait to have whatever adventures the Lord has planned!