Monday, October 16, 2017

Knoebels: Fun, Food, Fantasy, and Halloween!

Knoebels: Fun, Food, Fantasy, and Halloween!

            It seems more and more places are getting into the Halloween spirit and are hosting special events to celebrate, KnoebelsAmusement Resort is no different.  I’ve never been to the official Hallo-Fun weekends, but this year I was able to attend a Phoenix Phall Phunfest weekend. The park was decorated heavily for Halloween so, it felt like Hallo-Fun.
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 My family and I went the same weekend as the Covered Bridge arts festival, meaning the park was extremely crowded.  However, we did arrive as the arts festival was winding down, so that crowd left leaving a less crowded park.  While it was still crowded, it wasn’t too bad and we still had a wonderful time. 

Any amusement park is extra special at night, the lights punctuating the dark has an almost magical quality. When those lights are Halloween themed, well, that’s just even more magical.  

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I particularly loved how some of the rides were  decorated for the holiday. The Phoenix roller coaster’s entrance was decorated with a cemetery, the stones describing old Knoebels rides and the tunnel the track winds through had an enormous jack o lantern framing it, so it looked like the jack o lantern was eating your car.
waiting for the Phoenix 
            The best decorations were in the Haunted Mansion’s front yard. A whole host of skeletons were gathered in the yard, having a dinner party and swimming.  The line was too long to ride the Halloween themed train, but we still rode plenty of rides and ate tasty snacks.   

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It was a wonderful time and we can’t wait to return!  We learned some important tips, like get in line for the train early to avoid running out of time and try to avoid craft festival days.  Does anyone have more Knoebels Halloween tips?
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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

First Adventure of the Fall

My first adventure of fall ended up feeling like a summertime trip due to the heat.  My dad and I planned to take the kids to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this month, thinking it would be nice and cool; we were wrong.  However, it was still a fantastic day because any day at the Renaissance Faire is a good day despite the weather. I’ve been there in the cold, the rain, and the heat, and while the weather may influence my costume choices, it never deters me from going. 
Wearing a comfy jumsuit to go on an adventure! 

Since the kids are older, we went to a lot more shows than we have in the past.  We also split up as they kids wanted to see different things. My niece and I met Lilly the unicorn while Dad and my nephew just wondered about. 

Later, Dad and Garrett went to the joust while Iris and I wondered around. I took Garrett one some rides, and Iris on others. We also split up for lunch, which was nice since I got to introduce Iris to the Anchor and Mermaid restaurant where we met a pirate who asked her to join his crew.

Garrett and I on the Crow's Nest

We still did a great deal together, watched Circus Stella walk tight ropes, juggle torches, perform beautiful aerial silk routines. We watched the Capital City Jedi Knights perform stage combat and later we watched a human chess match. 
Cicus Stella
Sith and Jedi battle

Human Chess 

 I love going to the faire with different people because I experience different aspects of the faire each time I go. It truly is a special place made all the more so by the people you share it with.