Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas at Hillside Farms

Christmas has always been a special time for my family and I. When my brother and I were little kids, we’d open presents on Christmas Eve and then travel to my grandmother’s house on Christmas morning. Of course, now that we are adults, the holidays have changed quite a bit. He’s married with two kids of his own and I work retail, which means I’m busy with work for most of the Christmas festivities.

So, I was thrilled to spend some time my niece and nephew enjoying the holiday. They had off school this past Monday and we decided to spend the day at HillsideFarms.  Aside from seeing the animals and getting some ice cream, I wanted the kids to see the farm at Christmastime.

I knew from last year that the barns would be decorated and I was not disappointed this year. Brightly colored lights were strewn across the rafters, and Santa’s sleigh was parked amid piles of wrapped presents and decorated trees.  The baby goats were even celebrating in their tiny Christmas sweaters.  

After visiting the animals, we ordered some ice cream from the dairy store and I found some bayberry candles in the Mercantile.  It was a wonderful, Christmassy day and it reminded me how important it is to just stop and enjoy simple holiday moments, because as Clara from Doctor Who says, “Every Christmas is Last Christmas.” 

Merry Christmas! 

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