Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pocono Mountains Renaissance Faire

This past Saturday my dad and I got the chance to attend a brand new renaissance faire. Even though I regularly attend the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, I’ve never been able to attend any others, so I was thrilled to have the chance.
            Aside from being new to my dad and I, The Pocono Mountains Renaissance Faire was completely new to everyone else, since this is its very first year of operation.  Being its first year, the faire was smaller than I’m used to. It was held on the ground of the West End Fair in Gilbert, PA.
            While the renaissance faire didn’t cover the entire fairground, there were still a good variety of vendors, Pocono Soap, The Crimson Throne, (weapons) Pieces of Eight, (goblets) and The Needle Gnomes. (hats, shawls, stuffed animals of the knitted and crocheted variety) There were also vendors selling incense, artwork and costume pieces.  Some vendors such as the Crimson Throne and the Needle Gnomes also vend at the PRF, while the others were brand new to me.
Crimson Throne
            The food, while good and affordable was your basic county fair fare, burgers, pizza, funnels cakes, and the like.  While it wasn’t spectacular, it was still good and being affordable left money for other things.
            The performers were also varied and excellent, Daniel Greenwolf, a Celtic magician, a bagpipe and drum group called Cu Dubh that featured a female fire eater, were all amazing. I also enjoyed a pirate singing group called The Roving Blades. There was also a joust and an archery demo as well as belly dancers.
Daniel Greenwolf was slso a fire eater
            While we didn’t stay for the entire day, we still had a great time. Because of the small size, we were able to visit all the shops and to see most of the shows. I can’t wait to see how this faire grows over time; hopefully expanding to the rest of the tree shaded fair grounds.
            There’s one more weekend left to this season, this upcoming Saturday and Sunday.  So, go, check it out, get a funnel cake, buy some handmade soap and incense, watch a joust and visit with some fairies.  
The Roving Blades