Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Long Walk

My dad and I took a very long walk today. Aside from spending time with him, it was nice to be out doors. First stop on our walk was one he discovered on one of his walks; an enormous field he never knew existed until recently, even though we've lived in the area for years.
we followed this path, past the junkyard, 
the path led to this!

and this

Then suddenly, the field met a partial road. Dad and I theorize that the road was created to guide construction vehicles to a project site that was later abandoned.   

We followed the road, then crossed the street to train tracks and old cemetery. We think the poles indicate that someone is attempting to update records of who is buried there and what used to be inscribed on the tombstones.

After the cemetery, we found the site of what used to be the Paradise on the River Trailer Park. Nothing remains now save for the overgrown roads and a lone shed as the place was ravaged by the 2011 flood.

The shed was never cleaned out after the flood.
waiting for a Christmas that will never come

It's strange to think that just four years ago, there were mobile home lining this street. Kids played in the yards, maybe went scampering over the hill to play or fish by the river. The adults washed their cars and planned family vacations, Now, all Paradise on the River is, is a dumping place for old TVs and mattresses.  Life is unexpected and sometimes cruel. Maybe dejected places like this should serve as reminders for us to make the most of what God has given,

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