Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hillside Farms

Last Sunday I took my nephew and niece to HillSide Farms to see the farm animals and to get some of their wonderful ice cream.  We were a bit disappointed that the food dispensaries were empty and some were even broken, but another family gave us some of the animal food they had bought and let us use the rest.

The other people there were very friendly and we even met some fellow Shaun the Sheep fans!  While my niece and I were talking to said fans, by nephew found himself with a fan of his own.
This duck kept following and quacking at him even though he was out of food.  I was sure he'd follow us to the peacocks but he didn't.

After that, we wondered about some of the lovely shops on the grounds and then over to the greenhouse and to the stream. My dad took the kids into the greenhouse while I explored the one greenhouse that has seen better days but is still intriguing. I'm not sure what the plans are for the building but I hope they restore it.

Then it was time for ice cream! The ice cream store also sells milk and cheese; all from the cows on the farm.
After we ate and cleaned up the melted ice cream and escaped sprinkles we crossed the street to the farm.

It was a wonderful time, though being a Sunday it was pretty crowded, so I'd suggest a weekday to avoid that. But even with the crowds it was still a great time.

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