Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lost and Found

A few months ago in December my grandmother passed away. Amid all the planning that went into the funeral, my aunt discovered that grandma's  wedding ring had been lost at the nursing home. No one had turned it in or seemed to have any idea where it could have gone. My aunt and cousin tried putting some of her other rings on her, since she always wore her wedding band, but none fit.  So, while it was not a disaster, it was still a bit distressing that a symbol of a large portion of her life was not with her as we said goodbye.

Time went on and the family began the confused mourning and healing process. to be honest, I forgot all about her missing wedding ring until last night when I called my aunt just to say hello. She told me that on a visit to the nursing home one of the nurses asked her if she was still missing the ring. When she told him, yes she was. He took her to the lost and and found and showed her three wedding bands. Two had notes attached, explaining where they had been found. One had no note and that was Grandma's ring.

Some things need to be lost a while before they are found.

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