Thursday, November 6, 2014


It's been awhile so I thought I'd just say, "Hello".  I had an excellent mini vacation the last weekend of last month.  I attended the last two days of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire's   2014 season. The season's end is always bitter sweet; it's wonderful and yet it's over until next August.  The  following Monday I visited with friends and did some exploring in Lancaster and Litiz. The Chocolate Cafe is wonderful as well as A Tea Affair. We also found two bookshop, one in Lancaster , Dogstar Books and one in Litiz, who's name I cannot recall though I loved it as well. 

With all those adventures, I'm wondering what the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons will hold. Working in retail, it can be a challenge, but I am determined to enjoy them none the less. I'm still working on my writing, editing my Steampunk novella for possible e-publication and looking for an agent for my fantasy novel.

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