Friday, October 10, 2014

Old School

From the time I was five years old till I was seventeen I would pass an abandoned school on my way to school.  Now was an adult, I pass the same school on my way to church every Sunday. I keep saying that I'd like to get out and explore the place but never have, until today.

As a little kid the graffiti declaring the school as being, "Dead City" always frightened me a bit and I won't deny that today it made me recall scenes from "The Walking Dead". It made me wonder, is "Dead City" a gang, a band, a social commentary on the town of Plains, PA where the school is located or just some random phrase the vandal spray painted on?  I could see no school name on the front of the building, which surprised me, usually older schools had the names carved into the brickwork.

 I have attempted to Google the school based on the town and street name but to no avail. I even asked about it on an abandoned Pennsylvania Facebook page, but again to no avail.  My father suggested  asking at the local library or the school district. I would very much like to know when the school closed, though I know it had to been sometime before 1990 which is when I moved to the area as a small child, and I would like to know why it was left to decay on a busy street. Surly, it could have been re purposed as a rec center or an apartment building.    

These alcoves were on the side of the school, wonder what they are.
back of the school; notice the open window.

a back service entrance 

the tiny back parking lot

An annex they must have added when the student body outgrew the building.
one of two front doors

When I peered into the windows on the doors, I was a bit surprised to see books, an old TV and what looked like an old type writer stacked up in front of the doors.

science and history text books

This was strange, numbers kept flashing across the screen, though when the picture took, it was reading  zeros.

If anyone knows anything at all about this old school, please let me know! Thanks again for visiting.

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