Thursday, October 23, 2014

Come, Follow Me, a book review

This book by  Philip Michales is part crime story, part supernatural thriller, this story follows Thane Sheridan as he tracks down a serial child killer who murdered his only child along with many others. It would be a compelling read in either genre but mixing them makes it more so. However some of the action scenes seemed a bit rushed to the point of my having to read it again to see if I missed anything,notably a scene early on in the book. Also, a romance between two main characters seemed a bit forced and sudden, literally jumping into bed with each other with absolutely no preamble at all.

Because of the nature of the killer and the area, the slums of NYC, there are some sexual scenes as well as foul language, notably the F word.   It's still a good read for those interested in both ghost and crime stories however.

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