Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another Ren Faire Post

Because, who can ever have to many Renaissance Faire related anything?   I know I cannot! I had the wonderful and rare chance to go back to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire  twice in the same week! I don't mean I went for both days of the same weekend. I drove there Sunday to meet friends and then went with a different group of friends the following Saturday!

One of the many thing I love about that magical place is that every trip is a different experience even if you see the same shows. The people you go with alter the experience. Some of friends are perfect at interacting with cast and shop keepers, which encourages me to do so . My friend Nicole is the queen of mapping out which shows we want to see and Mel likes to wonder about the grounds exploring, and there's always something wonderful to discover. 

I swear, the place is magic. It brings people together and draws them into the goings on both real and fanciful. The faire has truly been a blessing that I thank God for. It seems like every year I get to introduce new people to the wonders of the faire and I look forward to many more years.

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