Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fun, Food, and Fantasy

After a year's absence I finally made it back to one of my favorite places, Knoebels!    I've been going there ever since I was about five year's old and have loved it ever since then. It's a free admission park, mostly surrounded by forest, so you feel like you're at a small time carnival, but with much better rides, like the new Flying Turns. It's a wonderfully smooth riding, trackless roller coaster. It's modeled after a bobsled track but meant to simulate flying. The only negative is that it's very short ride.

   Then, there's my favorite The Twister! It's a great coaster with lots of sharp and swooping turns.

There is also an old fashioned carousel where you can catch brass rings and a carousel museum that houses horses from all eras  and gives the history of the merry go round.

Inside the museum
There is also a coal mining museum and museum recounting the history of the park.  
Coal Mine wing

Knoebels Wing

 There is so much to mention, the wonderful food , the great atmosphere that I do not have room. I will say that it's a place well worth visiting time and time again. 

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