Thursday, March 21, 2013

Book Swap Party

I got the idea for a book swap party on Pinterest awhile ago and have been excited to try it out ever since. What urged me to actually throw the party was realizing how many books I had and most likely will never read again, such as the one mentioned in my last post. Why should they sit collecting dust and taking up space on my bookshelves, and floor,and boxes, when other people could read and enjoy them? Giving them away to friends seemed like the best idea, short of opening a used book store, which sometime I would  like to do sometime, but right now, a party was the best option.
I got some decorating ideas on Pinterest, but I mostly stacked books around the house.

 I printed some book themed pictures and hung them up backed by newspaper strips.

Then I took the rest of  the old newspapers and made a table cloth. I liked the concept better than the final result, so I will need to rethink it for the next time.

 For the food, I made popcorn chicken, served chips and popcorn and made little books from fig newtons. My favorite food was the  saltine toffees. I got the recipe from Sugar Bean Bakers blog.

 After exchanging books we played one of my favorite board games.  Now, I have a new book to read and shared one of mine with a good friend! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Home Sweet Homicide - A book review

 Lately, instead of buying or borrowing new books to read, I've been reading some of the many books I already own but have not read. Most of them are older books I've picked up at library sales. The last one I read was a fun find at an antiques mall, a book published in the 40's called Home Sweet Homicide by Craig Rice. Here is my review of it from my Goodreads account. 
I must admit that I hated this book to begin with. I thought the premise of kids with a mystery writer mom solving a local murder was cute, but I could not get over how obnoxious the kids were through out most of the book. It also bothered me that just solving the crime was not enough; they had to confuse and outright lie to the cops in order to get all the clues to themselves. Aside from being rude to the cops, including the one they want to set their mother up with, they fabricate evidence, contaminate the crime scene, and basically obstruct justice at every turn.
Eventually, the kids become more likable as they begin to realize that people's lives have and will be affected by this murder and even turn some evidence over to the police. It all ends well, but I wish the author would have made the kids more likable, not like I wanted them to be perfect, just not so irritating. Also, they never seem to understand that some of their actions were wrong and complicated the case. Over all, it was a decent book, but I'm not clamoring for more from this author.