Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Party

I hosted my first garden party yesterday and while I definitely found some areas for improvement, I think, and my guests assured me that the affair went very well. Because it was my first outdoor party and because I was also watching my niece and nephew I kept the food and the decorations simple.  I didn't want to be stressed and overwhelmed and therefore be a terrible hostess.

I made chicken salad sandwiches and blueberry scones. Scones are so yummy and so easy, also how do you have a tea party without them?  I made a food table from a pile of logs that were already in my yard and flat board covered with an old table cloth of my grandmothers. I suggest nice, but old tablecloths just because of being outside.

I made strawberry cupcakes from a mix and also used premade icing. I can make both from scratch, but for this occasion mixes were simply the best choice. I did cut the strawberries myself though! My niece enjoyed them as well as the peach iced tea! I had a subtle fruit theme going on to compliment the summer season.

For the main table I used a simply folding table, it's not like anyone could see it under the cloth, though an actual table would look lovely next time! 
Tea Pot light I ordered from Mod Cloth. com.

Empty DRY soda bottles I hung with twine. 

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