Thursday, May 24, 2012

More on the garden

I've modified my gardening plans a bit. Instead of creating an entirely new garden, I'm going to modify the one we already have. There's a lot of space yet, so it should be fun! Here's what I have so far. 

 The Bleeding Heart Bush given to me by a lady in my church. Not sure if it will bloom this spring or if I'll have to wait till next year.

The front of the house. The space is all taken up, but it should flow nicely with the work I'm doing around the corner.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Learning Curves

Everyone learns at their own pace. During the school years, teachers, parents, and even other students help kids learn effectively at that pace, even if the pace cannot be quickened. However, once we reach adulthood, the grown ups around us expect everyone to learn at the same pace, fast. They also expect several tasks to be learned and done at once, what we call multitasking. Some, master this, even thrive under stressful, busy schedules, some muddle through, and other fail.
Some people are just slower then others. I'm one of them. Now, I'm not stupid, I've never been diagnosed with a learning disability, though I've wondered if some exist, I'm just slow. I work best doing one or few things at a time. I believe that people should be challenged to expand their skills, but not everyone's expanding skills are the same.  Some people are not and never will be effective multitasksers. God just did not wire all brains alike because He wanted to fill the word with different talents. Einstein and Charlotte Bronte did not think alike, but it doesn't make one less of a person than the other.
I wish my fellow adults would realize this and encourage others to learn how to work in the way that is right for them, while still giving them challenges to better, not change themselves.

Friday, May 18, 2012


I'm planning on planting a fairy garden in my backyard but it's been raining so much lately that this mint plant is as far as I've gotten.   It will be nice to have fresh mint leaves in my tea!

I've never really done much gardening but I'm pretty excited about it. I need to start doing new things because as much as I want change, I fear it as well. But one cannot grow without change and as such I've decided to embrace it. I've already changed jobs and I'm signing up to take come computer classes and may be going back to school... and planting my garden. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tea, Wings, and a really, big fish.

Last Sunday I embarked on a road trip to the Lancaster PA area to visit one of my very best friends. After exchanging Christmas gifts, yes, Christmas gifts, we met up with one of her friends for tea at Sugarplums and Tea. f you've never had lemon curd, which I hadn't till then, it tastes like tart lemon pie filling. It was amazing, dainty, yet delicious tea sliders, salads, scones with lemon curd, and of course tea.

After that, we had a wonderful cookout and went to a movie. I don't get to hang out with a group often, so this was was quite fun. The next day, my friend Mel and I mostly stayed in to watch Downton Abbey, but in the evening we met her boyfriend at Quips Pub for wings and coffee flavored by Baily's. Yum and Yum. It was a fun looking place, a dart board, lively people.
My last day I got to see Jonah at Sight and Sound.  The underwater scene perfectly creates the illusion of being under neath the waves with Jonah and the whale. However, the spectacle is not the only good aspect, the story is very good, forgive even when it's not easy because God has forgiven you.