Saturday, March 25, 2017

Out of the Snow

Winter decided to throw one final party before spring shut her down.  The confetti from Winter’s final hurrah is finally beginning to dissipate.  I’ve been out to work and church but nowhere special. Since I had a day off work I decided to get out and about and enjoy the sunshine and the melting snow.
            I first made a stop at the post office to mail some gift boxes then I walked to one of my favorite local places, Ballyhoo. It was a bit of a muddy walk but it was well worth it, getting fresh air and sunshine on the way to ice cream and coffee.  

            Inside, the owner, Valerie had the Easter decorations up, including the most gigantic chocolate bunny I have ever seen in my life.  I was told it’s three feet tall and almost solid.  The bunny is being raffled off before Easter with the proceeds going towards charity.  If I win it, I’m sure I’ll be able to share it with my whole family. 

            Aside from the tiramisu coffee and the cappuccino crunch ice cream, I had a lovely conversation with Valerie about her new baby, ice cream, accidentally offering sweets to people who have given them up for Lent, and escape rooms. I even got a bit of writing done while I was there.
            It was wonderful to get out of the house and visit. While I enjoy winter, it can keep one indoors, especially during a blizzard. I’m ready for the new season to get out and have some adventures, heavily armed with allergy medicine of course. 


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