Saturday, October 8, 2016

Another Rainy Day at the Faire

            I’m beginning to think that my fall time events for the year will always include rain. I’m not complaining, I’m just stating what I’ve noticed. First, though not technically on autumn was my renaissance faire visit, during which it rained. Then came my Disney World vacation which fell during the first week of fall, the first few days of which it rained again.

             The third rainy event was another trip to the ren faire on the first day of October.  However, like the previous events, the rain may have altered the day but it certainly didn’t ruin the day. 

            Along for the festive festivities, was my father, my nephew and my niece. We did get a bit wet, limiting costume choices but we still had our traditional faire ice cream. Both kids tried their hands at archery, won some plastic coins and even met the queen.  We navigated the maze and enjoyed a brilliant show by Circus Stella. My niece even got to help with one of the tricks.

It takes more than a little rain to ruin a good day.  I’ve found that if I’m willing to be flexible and leave situations in God’s hands then there’s no end to the adventures I can have.

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