Monday, August 29, 2016

Renn Faire in the Rain

My first trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire this season was a different experience for me. It rained; it rained a lot.  I’ve been there before in the rain light drizzles and even down pours. But this time the weather was tricky.  After the first down pour the sky lightened, tricking us into thinking the rain was over. I think we had a good fifteen minutes before the sky let loose again. 
 From the doorway of the bakery, we saw a show still carrying on, the actors soaked and the audience huddled under umbrellas.  Becosue that's what happnes in the shire, people come together not just to enjoy themsvles but to support eachother.

And then the sun shone out from the newly blue sky, and while the humidity returned it was still a lovely day.  We still got to see some shows, and wonder the shops. As I like to say even a bad day at the renaissance faire is still better than a good day at work.  Once you enter the gates, the world shifts a bit, magic is real and people enjoy life to its fullest.

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