Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thank God for Farmers Markets and AAA

Today was a wonderful day in spite of or perhaps because of some unexpected twists.  Aside from sleeping in later than I intended to, the day began as planned. I mailed a story off to be entered in a contest, then headed to the Pittston Farmer’s Market.  I walked away with delicious blueberries, lovely honey, a delicate scone, and a gorgeous tomato. 
            My shopping bag a bit heavier, I visited the Purple Squirrel for iced coffee before heading home.  Once parked outside my house, I heard a strange hissing sound issuing from the front driver’s side tire.
            Upon further investigation, I noticed a small, metal shard protruding from the tire. Clearly, I ran over the shard and it punctured the tire.  AAA was able to send a truck within five minutes of my call to replace the holey tire with my spare tire.
            While, I do need to go to the garage and get the actual tire repaired or replaced, I am so grateful that the tire was so noticeably damaged that I could not help but notice it. It also happened after I had completed all my errands and was home.  God is good, even when a car tire springs a leak. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Plymouth Historical Society


You can learn a lot from your local historical society. Maybe a Native American Tribe once populated the area, maybe there used to be an ice cream factory, maybe the town boasted a high number of World War Two service men and women. 

 I discovered these and some other facts when I explored the Plymouth Historical Society. It was literally packed with display cases, mannequins in period or reproduction costumes, and artifacts such as Native American arrow heads and toys from an era gone by. 


The only problem was that the old church building that housed the collections was not air conditioned.  I cannot wait to go back and spend even more time reading the plaques and even the books they have. The staff is very nice and welcoming, so if you are in the area, please go visit them and learn about Plymouths past.