Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sometimes you need Butter Beer and a Disney Movie

I had some fairly ambitious plans for today. Somehow, I was gifted with the Saturday before Eater off work and I was ready to do some housework and crafting. My kitchen needed cleaned and I have been dabbling in making magic wands, which I may send up selling on Etsy or just giving away as gifts. 

  I also had grand idea of getting a great deal of writing done as well maybe some yard work.
            Then my alarm went off and I thought, “I went to bed rather late; I’ll sleep for one more hour then get up.” Well, sometime after that I woke on my own to use the bathroom and realized that it was almost two hours later and the early afternoon! Clearly, I had only thought about setting my alarm clock and hadn’t actually done it.
            Greeted with this realization and the fact that my sinuses were completely stuffed, I decided to scale back my day and to also enjoy it. So, I had French toast and caught up on Sleepy Hollow, which I still enjoy despite the strange plot line this season.  Then I went online and chatted with a good friend while watching my new favorite You Tube Channel, The Tim Tracker.
            I decided I still needed to do some of my housework, which I did get to eventually, but before that, I went to my favorite ice cream parlor, Ballyhoo and tired their version of Butterbeer. It was delicious and though it’s been a while, I though it tasted very similar to the Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.   It also went well chocolate brownie ice cream.
            After doing my housework, I decided to reward myself with one of my favorite Disney movies, Brave.  If Frozen is about a sister’s love then Brave is about a mother’s love. It makes me miss and appreciate my mom every time I watch it.
            No matter how much you grow up, somedays, you just need a good Butterbeer and a Disney movie. 

 (previouse pinner) Merida & Queen Elinor. has anyone noticed that merida is wearing her coronation dress? or pretty close to it. see her belt?!

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