Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Tomato Pie Café

Have you ever watched a travel show and realized that most likely you may never get to visit the location the show is about? While it’s fun to watch or read about exotic locals it’s also nice to hear about places you have a high probability of visiting.
            For instance, I spend a great deal of time in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area.  My friend, Mel and I often stop by the town of Litiz.  During these visits I was always intrigued by a large yellow and green, Victorian looking home along the main street. After a few visits, we finally slowed the car down enough to read the sign, The TomatoPie Café.

            Time went by and I forgot about the brightly painted place with the fun name till Mel sent me the link to a You Tube channel called Meeting and Eating that highlight restaurants in the Lancaster and Litiz area. One of the eateries highlighted was The Tomato PieCafé, which piqued my interest in the place once again. 

            A few months later, this Tuesday to be exact, I  got the chance to dine at  The Tomato Pie Café, making it the first  restaurant I’ve seen on a travel show that I’ve actually gotten to visit. It was a very cold day, so we were anxious to try the hot sandwiches and soups.  
            I went with a grilled cheese sandwich made with Muenster and cheddar cheese on sourdough bread.  I’d say it was delicious but that might be an understatement. I also ordered a delectable tomato bisque and my meal came with a herb scone that possibly was my favorite part of the meal.
            My friends all enjoyed their meals and we all though the staff was extremely friendly and adept. All in all it was a fun place that I cannot wait to revisit.