Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Canteen 900

Do you ever notice that when a TV show or a movie features a restaurant or café that it’s always some, fun, funky, local place? The walls are usually covered in quirky art work and the tables and chairs are either unique or mismatched, or both.  The Central Perk from Friends comes to mind, but so does a real life restaurant, Canteen 900 in Forty Fort Pennsylvania. 

My good friend, Nicole introduced me to the place, which is housed in what used to be factory and was abandoned for several years until it was purchased and renovated.  Now, the building houses not just Canteen 900 but a clothing outlet, a gift shop, a yoga studio, a salon, and several offices.  
            I love the idea that the old building was rescued and revitalized.  Far too many unused buildings are left to decay and present dangers as the elements and vandals take hold, but not this place. Aside from being a rescue itself, 900 Rutter Avenue showcases another rescue; the dining room in Canteen 900 proudly displays the grand chandelier from the now demolished Hotel Sterling in Wilkes-Barre.

I haven’t even mentioned the food and coffee yet, but trust the sandwiches are excellent and the coffee and hot coca even more so.  It tends to get rather busy, so plan on coming early to snag a table. It’s well worth the wait however, wonderful, wholesome food served in an atmosphere of local, quirky flavor. 

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