Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Some Observations About Star Wars Episode Two

Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones

The movie may be called The Attack of the Clones but after re watching it today, I think a much better name would be The Shroud of the Dark Side. At the very end, Obi- Wan comments that without the clones, they could not have defeated the Separatists, to which Yoda replies that Clone War was begun and the shroud of the dark side has fallen. It's a great line that sums up the Revenge of the Sith.

I have also decided that Yoda would make an incredible elementary  school teacher.  The scene where he interacts with the younglings at the Jedi Temple may be my favorite part of the film. He jokes with the kids, yet gives them a real problem to solve, that of Obi-Wan's lost planet, and then not only asks, but takes the kid's advice. The scene is adorable and a bit profound that way.

One of the better aspects of the movie for me, is the the glimpses of life within the temple, the kid's training, the library. It all blends with what we know of the Jedi to give a better idea of what their daily lives are like.

I also love seeing Naboo; it's gorgeous with it lush green fields and  deep sapphire lakes, as well as the castle like buildings. I also love Padme's clothes , notably the yellow gown she wears to the picnic and her wedding dress. I have actually seen the wedding dress and veil on Pinterest on Vintage and BoHo boards.

Last, but not least, the movie builds towards the events of the third movie. I find the scene where Anakin confesses to killing the entire Sand People camp while the Imperial March plays softy to be quite chilling. It's also heartbreaking to think that poor Shmi had finally found something good in life, a husband, stepson, a home, just to be kidnapped and abused. She finally gets to see her son again, but the poor woman has no idea that her death will aid him in his fall and the fall of many.

Overall, I like this movie. Yes, there are still flaws. Jar-Jar is in it, but even he is toned down from Phantom Menace and bit more bearable, more so than  some of Anakin's lines.  "I don't like sand..." great come on line, Ani... however, as with most movies, I acknowledge the bad, but prefer to focus on the good, such as seeing Yoda fight.  May the Force be with you.

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