Monday, November 30, 2015


Working in retail can suck a great deal of the holiday spirit out you, especially after the Black Friday crush. But none the less,  Christmas is here and I mean to enjoy it. While, I've been Christmas shopping in bits and pieces every since August at the Renaissance Faire, today was the first day I went out with only Christmas shopping in mind, and it was wonderful.

My dad and I went out to find a Christmas Tree. After having only real trees we decided to go with an  artificial one this year. We looked at the inflateable Christmas decoraions, including a singing fish and C3PO and R2D2 then picked out our tree. We found one that looks real and even has small pine cones placed on the prelit branches. 

After stowing it away in the van, we visted another store where I found Christmas gifts for a friend and my brother and sister in law. Then we had coffee and looked around at Barnes and Noble. 

While babysitting for my neice and nephew, I drove them around to look at the Christmas lights. We had Christmas music on and were blessed with very little traffic, so we were able to pause  and even stop at some houses to examin the Nativity scenes and the Santas.  

Add in, watching Doctor Who and having an epic lightsaber battle with my nephew it was a wonderful day. I think I'm ready for Christmas. 

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