Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fatal Abduction (IFCS Book 3) Review

Fatal Abduction (IFCS, #3)

Fatal Abduction is the third in the IFCS series and follows Kaitlyn and the others as they tackle two problems close to home. First, a traitor in the group that led to the mission from the last book nearly failing. Two, a serial killer operating in the area where Katlyn's teen age friend lives.

After very quickly, too quickly, I feel, solving the first problem, the team moves on to the second. Kaitlyn goes undercover to find the killer and hopefully save his latest victim.

Overall, the plot was very good, but I've only granted it two stars due to pacing issues; it seemed rushed. We were given insights into the killer's motives and background, but they were wedged in between Kaitlyn, and the victim's chapters. Also, I feel that the character development was, once again, rushed over. I don't feel as though I really know any of them and while I enjoy their stories, cannot connect to them. 

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