Monday, March 30, 2015

Fractured Innocence(IFICS #2): a book review

Fractured Innocence (IFICS #2)
The second book finds the cyborg Katelyn and the IFICS on their first mission to use her abilities and the company's resources to help solve society's nasty issues. The first case is taking down a man who deals in human

The book switches to one of the man's victims, a teen aged girl who is raped by the man before he plans to sell her along with the other children. The scenes are disturbing but help the reader understand a very real problem in our world.

While the story was compelling, I felt the first switch from Katelyn's point of view to the girls was a bit choppy. I also felt that the transition from the last book to this one was sudden. The plot is so intense that we don't really get to see her growing as a new person, rather we are told about her growth in between her and the team preparing for the mission to take the criminal down and rescue the children.

As a whole, it's a great book. There is plenty of action, storming the traffickers boat and fortress, chases and gun fights. The book also takes the time to slow the action down to show how the IFICS is helping the victims heal.

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