Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Freak of Nature, a book review

A seventeen year old girl is injured in an attack and is brought back to life by robotics and computers implanted in her brain, the point it so make her a "Super Soldier".  She is enhanced mentally and physically but her emotions are dulled and her memories gone.  However, she has twinges of emotion, something the machines are supposed to suppress. With the help of a young girl and a doctor, she begins to explore her past and she begins to seek to redefine her future.

This is the first in a series by Julia Crane and is a  great, quick read that leaves you ready for the next book in the series. While, I liked the happy conclusion it seemed too easy, and slightly unrealistic due to how quickly it is accomplished. However, it's still a good book, dealing with what human nature really is and if it can or should be suppressed in order to be what is considered a better being. 

Freak of Nature (IFICS, #1)

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