Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Lights and Grandma

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

Yesterday, I heard that my grandmother from my mom's side of the family passed away.  She was a great woman who raised four children and worked long after most women had retired. She and my grandfather were excellent cooks and threw the most wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

While I'll miss her terribly, I can't help but think that she's going to get to spend Christmas in Heaven, with her husband and two daughters. And I will get to see her again someday.

Tonight, a friend and I drove around Nay Aug park to look at their impressive Christmas lights display and it made me think that losing loved ones is very much like those lights. They shine brightly, enhancing the lives of all they touch, until season's end where they are packed away. Their absence is noted and lamented until before you know it, they make their reappearance. 

So, Grandma's not gone for good, she's just away with the Lord, until I can join her. Merry Christmas, Gram and tell Mom, Pappy, and Aunt Pat, I say hello.

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