Friday, November 14, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas; HELP!

I have two very different views on Christmas, one is in favor as the holiday as a whole, the spiritual significance, the gift giving, Santa, all of it. The second is my  view from a retail clerk's perspective, hence the HELP! in the title. Anyone who has worked any type of retail, particularity a major chain retailer knows what a horrendous experience it can be. Nasty, impatient customers, long hours, can all combine to leech all joy out of the holiday.

However, I love Christmas and to quote Charlie Brown, "I'm not letting this commercial dog ruin my Christmas,"  As a long time retail worker I tend to be sympathetic to my fellows out there in stores large in small. That being said, here are some tips to how you as a shopper can make Christmas enjoyable for store clerks and casheirs.

1. If a store you frequent is open on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve do not complain to the clerks. They did not choose the hours and if it's a large chain neither did the individual store mangers. It was a corporate choice. Also, do not tell the workers how sorry you are for them for having to work and then ask what the hours are on the day you are "sorry" they have to work. If you really pity them then do what some nice ladies did at my job; show up with gift cards to SubWay for everyone that had to work on Thanksgiving. Or, you can call or e-mail the store headquarters and complain there, after alkl that is where the hours are decided.

2. Be polite and patient with not just workers but other shoppers. It's amazing how much a nice costumer can lighten a dark day of people yelling about the store being out of life sized Elsa dolls. Smile, at the workers, do not hold them personally responsible for items being out of stock and listen when they speak. If one worker has a bad attitude and treats you badly, do not take it out on the next worker who crosses your path or if you see the worker again. Hopefully, they were just having a bad moment, but if you feel the need report them to management,  but try to not be angry with the manger, they can't control all there workers.

3. Remember what Christmas is all about the gift of Christ to save us all and while not all celebrate that aspect of Christmas, they all deserve the love and generosity that comes with the season.

Now, let's enjoy Thanksgiving and get ready for a wonderful Christmas!

    Jesus is the Reason for the Season

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