Thursday, October 9, 2014


This Monday I took my niece to the playground by the lake. After playing on the swings and slides, we walked along the lake, dug in the sand, floated leaves on the water. I love the lake during Autumn, the reflection of the leaves in the water, the way the wind blows the leaves over the water's surface; it's lovely.

After the lake, I suggested a walk in the nearby woods. My niece was not convinced we needed to go. She drug her feet, she whined, she pleaded to go back home.  "Why don't you want to go into the woods?" I kept asking.
After a bit she finally blurted out, "because, we might meet a great big bear!"
I told her that we probably wouldn't see any because the woods were so close to the playground and other houses. She grudgingly agreed to go at least a little ways into the woods. She ended up looking for squirrels and chasing butterflies and didn't want to leave.      
Sometimes you have to live life despite your fears, no matter how reasonable they are.  Yes, we could have seen a bear, but maybe that wouldn't have been so bad, maybe what we're afraid off is something we need to face and investigate.

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