Thursday, October 23, 2014

Come, Follow Me, a book review

This book by  Philip Michales is part crime story, part supernatural thriller, this story follows Thane Sheridan as he tracks down a serial child killer who murdered his only child along with many others. It would be a compelling read in either genre but mixing them makes it more so. However some of the action scenes seemed a bit rushed to the point of my having to read it again to see if I missed anything,notably a scene early on in the book. Also, a romance between two main characters seemed a bit forced and sudden, literally jumping into bed with each other with absolutely no preamble at all.

Because of the nature of the killer and the area, the slums of NYC, there are some sexual scenes as well as foul language, notably the F word.   It's still a good read for those interested in both ghost and crime stories however.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Old School

From the time I was five years old till I was seventeen I would pass an abandoned school on my way to school.  Now was an adult, I pass the same school on my way to church every Sunday. I keep saying that I'd like to get out and explore the place but never have, until today.

As a little kid the graffiti declaring the school as being, "Dead City" always frightened me a bit and I won't deny that today it made me recall scenes from "The Walking Dead". It made me wonder, is "Dead City" a gang, a band, a social commentary on the town of Plains, PA where the school is located or just some random phrase the vandal spray painted on?  I could see no school name on the front of the building, which surprised me, usually older schools had the names carved into the brickwork.

 I have attempted to Google the school based on the town and street name but to no avail. I even asked about it on an abandoned Pennsylvania Facebook page, but again to no avail.  My father suggested  asking at the local library or the school district. I would very much like to know when the school closed, though I know it had to been sometime before 1990 which is when I moved to the area as a small child, and I would like to know why it was left to decay on a busy street. Surly, it could have been re purposed as a rec center or an apartment building.    

These alcoves were on the side of the school, wonder what they are.
back of the school; notice the open window.

a back service entrance 

the tiny back parking lot

An annex they must have added when the student body outgrew the building.
one of two front doors

When I peered into the windows on the doors, I was a bit surprised to see books, an old TV and what looked like an old type writer stacked up in front of the doors.

science and history text books

This was strange, numbers kept flashing across the screen, though when the picture took, it was reading  zeros.

If anyone knows anything at all about this old school, please let me know! Thanks again for visiting.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


This Monday I took my niece to the playground by the lake. After playing on the swings and slides, we walked along the lake, dug in the sand, floated leaves on the water. I love the lake during Autumn, the reflection of the leaves in the water, the way the wind blows the leaves over the water's surface; it's lovely.

After the lake, I suggested a walk in the nearby woods. My niece was not convinced we needed to go. She drug her feet, she whined, she pleaded to go back home.  "Why don't you want to go into the woods?" I kept asking.
After a bit she finally blurted out, "because, we might meet a great big bear!"
I told her that we probably wouldn't see any because the woods were so close to the playground and other houses. She grudgingly agreed to go at least a little ways into the woods. She ended up looking for squirrels and chasing butterflies and didn't want to leave.      
Sometimes you have to live life despite your fears, no matter how reasonable they are.  Yes, we could have seen a bear, but maybe that wouldn't have been so bad, maybe what we're afraid off is something we need to face and investigate.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another Ren Faire Post

Because, who can ever have to many Renaissance Faire related anything?   I know I cannot! I had the wonderful and rare chance to go back to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire  twice in the same week! I don't mean I went for both days of the same weekend. I drove there Sunday to meet friends and then went with a different group of friends the following Saturday!

One of the many thing I love about that magical place is that every trip is a different experience even if you see the same shows. The people you go with alter the experience. Some of friends are perfect at interacting with cast and shop keepers, which encourages me to do so . My friend Nicole is the queen of mapping out which shows we want to see and Mel likes to wonder about the grounds exploring, and there's always something wonderful to discover. 

I swear, the place is magic. It brings people together and draws them into the goings on both real and fanciful. The faire has truly been a blessing that I thank God for. It seems like every year I get to introduce new people to the wonders of the faire and I look forward to many more years.