Thursday, September 25, 2014


This Monday I got the chance to go to Gettysburg, PA. I'm a huge history buff with a particular fondness for the Civil War. My favorite movie as a kid was Gettysburg. I'm not a history nerd at all (insert sarcastic chuckle). My friend  Mel and I explored most of the battlefield including Devil's Den and Little Round Top, which aside from their historical significance are quite beautiful.  

Devil's Den
Now this is a bit creepy. The place I'm standing in is where that iconic picture of the dead solider was taken. 


The view from Little Round Top 

After exploring we drove to the visitors center and museum and my personal favorite the
Cyclorama gallery. It's a detailed panting of Pickett's Charge hat wraps around a circular room. It was quite special for me because the last time I was there it was in an older building was being torn down due to asbestos and they park officials were concerned about moving the painting. The tour guide even said that they might not be able to move it and the painting could be lost. I was so relived to see it again and looking even better than I recalled!


After viewing the painting we visited the museum and then resumed our tour of the battle field. 

It was a great visit. We got to combine nature and history. I think it's important to remember the past, learn from the mistakes and triumph in the successes. Also, just getting out and exploring is important, even if you don't learn everything, as long as you learn a bit and enjoy the day. I know I did.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Return to the Faire

This Labor Day I made my second trip to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. This time I took my dad and my niece and nephew.  It's always such a different  experience taking niperkins along because the faire has special shows and events for them. It's almost like going to a different place, in a wonderful way.
 My niece met a mermaid and she and my nephew made some keepsakes in a craft stand by the mermaid.
message in a bottle
treasure map
   It was a pretty hot and sticky day so we strolled through the shire, seeing what we happened upon and taking frequent water breaks. Aside from the heat, it was a lovely day! The kids had a great time and so did my dad and I.

My nephew was intrigued by a blacksmith demonstration and my niece loved the elephant ride. 

Of course no day is complete without seeing a joust and goofing off.

It was a great time but as always I feel as though there so much more I could share and it left me longing to return.