Monday, July 28, 2014

The Phantom of Manhattan, a book review

The Phantom of Manhattan

First off, this is not a sequel to the book The Phantom of the Opera, but the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. That's rather important to remember. Second, it is the basis of the musical Love Never Dies. I can't help but feel that maybe if the musical had more closely followed the book it would have been a bit better, though I did enjoy the play.

The over all story is well written and thought out. The style is similar so Dracula, in the sense that each chapter is a newspaper article, journal entry, or narrative of a different character. I enjoy this style, however I wish more of the main charterers, such as Erik and Christine had more chapters and that the last and most climatic chapter was told by one of the rather than a secondary character, that to me, was a bit annoying.

I highly recommend this book to fans (phans) of the original book as well as the musical, especially ones who liked Love Never Dies, but found it lacking.

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