Monday, July 21, 2014


Today my dad and I took my niece and nephew for a hike and nature scavenger hunt at Frances Slocum State Park. It was a nice, sunny day and under the cover of the forest, it was pretty shady and cool. The kids had a great time looking for rocks, squirrels, and birds while I enjoyed being out in nature and getting some exercise!

 I was also able to tell them the history of the park's name sake, who was kidnapped by Native Americans when she was five. They stayed the night under a rock overhang and moved on. By the time her family found her, Frances was quite elderly and had made a life for self among her captives and chose to live out the remainder of her days with the people she came to see as her own.
So, the kids got some history as well as nature!


  1. Oh, so beautiful! My family goes hiking every fall and we love it. There aren't many great state parks in my neck of the woods, but my family has discovered some of the hidden gems.
    Thanks for commenting on Inklined.

    ~Sarah Faulkner