Monday, June 30, 2014

Pen and Paper

This past week I've picked up an old habbit,  keeping a journal. I don't mean what you're reading now, but a pen and paper, personal account of my day.  I did this fairly faithfully as a preteen and then feel out of the habbit.

However, after watching the movie version of Jane Austen's Emma, it occured to me that journal can be quite useful, there's a scene where Emma is writing about a problem she's having. I realized that aside from keeping me in pratice with writing, it could help me unravel the day, sort out problems, remember good times, and could also help improve my prayer life. 

So far, I'm three days strong with journal, so hopefully I can keep it up! 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This Old House

Most people who know me, know that I adore old, abandoned places, houses, churches, theme parks,  zoos, and the like. I have Pinterest board dedicated to the subject as well as follow two channels of urban explorers on You Tube . 

Because of this, I've noticed more and more all of the derelict places near where I live, including a mobile home in my neighborhood.  I had already gone once, the door was actually blowing wide open in the breeze, but hadn't gone more than a few steps due to the broken glass, the rotting floor and the fact that I was wearing flip-flops at the time.

So, I waited until the rainy weather dried up, donned some sneakers, grabbed my camera and returned. Sadly, this time the doors were all locked. Several new homes have been moved into the area, and I suspect the doors were locked to prevent possible vandalism.

Though, disappointed, I snapped several pictures of the outside.  It's been left alone for at least ten years and yet some parts, like the added on structure in the back, look newer.  The yard has also been cut, but I think that's the community trying to minimize the bad appearance for new neighbors. 

The container under the porch said "kerosine" I hope it's empty!

This was growing in the yard.
Till next time!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Infinite Day: A Book Review


This was a very good ending to the trilogy, though at times the varying point of views were a bit tedious, particularly when there would be a lot going on with Merral's group and then the next chapter would focus on Ethan on Earth for instance. That being said, it was fascinating to see things from the Dominion's side. The ending was perfect, though I don't want to spoil it, but it was a good ending that gave a happy sense of closure.
The characterization was greatly improved as well, as it's a bit sketchy in the first book, though I must say I still never completely loved the main characters, though I greatly enjoyed, Loyd, Luke, and Azeras.
I recommend anyone struggling to get through the first book to stick it out; it get's better.